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意 义 a.现成可使用的,在手边的,可利用的;可取得联系的,可得到的

构 词 a(to)+vail(value,价值)+able(后缀)----有利用价值的-----可利用的

搭 配 make sth. available to/for 使…可以享受某物;使….买得起某物

the only available room 唯一可用的房子;

辨 析 available a. 现成可使用的,在手边的,可利用的

handy a. 手边的,就近的,便利的,敏捷的

at hand 在手边,在附近,即将到来

真 题 Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are______in grocery stores. 答案

A)ready B)approachable C)probable D) available D

In general,the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of the total ____for living expense. 答案

A)acceptable B)available C)advisable D)applicable B


意 义 n.控告,指控;主管,看管;费用,价钱;负荷,电荷,充电


搭 配 in charge of 主管,看管

in(under)the charge of 在……的掌管下

charge sb.with 指控某人………

charge(sb.)…(money)for sth. 要价,要(某人)付….(钱)买某物

take charge 开始管理,接管

a positive/negative charge 正/负电荷

be on charge 正充电

at modest charges 以公道的价格

charge for trouble 手续费

charge a battery 给电池充电

辨 析

accuse accuse 指的是严重程度不等的犯罪或冒犯行为,accuse与介词of连用,

charge charge所指的是正式控告或指责具有违法性质的行为,charge与介词with搭配.

真 题 She was complaining that the doctor was ________too much for the treatment he was giving her. 答案

A)expending B)offering C)costing D)charging D

This hotel ____$60 for a single room with bath. 答案

A)charges B)demands C)prices D)claims A


意 义 n.事例,实例,事实,情况;病例;案件;箱,盒,套;手提箱

搭 配 a case in point 有关的事例,例证

a case in point 恰当的例子

in any case 无论如何,不管怎样

in case 假使,以防(引导虚拟语气)

sum up the case 概括事实

in case of 假如,如果发生;防备

in no case 无论如何不,决不

in this/that case 如果这样.那样的话

a case of measles 麻疹病例

appeal a case 申述

pack a case 装箱

in the case of 就…..来说,至于

as the case may be 看情况,根据具体情况

辨 析

case 事实,事例,情况,其可笼统地指一个完整的论题,也可表典型的事例,也可用于表医学上的病例或法律上的案例.

instance 为正式用词,指从事实中援引单独事例,隐含其典型性

重难点 语法规则:in case意为“假使;免得,以防(万一)”。In case引导的从句可以用陈述语气,也可用虚拟语气,虚拟形式为should+动词原形

真 题 I was advised to arrange for insurance _____I needed medical treatment. 答案

A)nevertheless B) although C)in case D)so that C

I left for the office earlier than usual this morning _________traffic jam. 答案

A)in line with B)for the sake of C)in case of D)at the risk of C

We left the manager a note________ he wanted to know where we were. 答案

A)if B)in case C)so that D)unless B

The lawyer advised him to drop _________,since he stands little chance to win. 答案

A)event B)incident C)case D)affair C


意 义 n.结果、效果; v.实现、使生效

变 形 effective


effectively 有效地、起作用地

搭 配 bring/carry/put into effect 实行、实现

take effective measures 采取有效措施

effective range 有效射程;

effective ways of reducing pollution 降低污染的有效方法;

take effect 生效、起作用

to the effect that 大意是

effective 有效的、起作用的

in effect 实际上、实质上

come/go into effect 生效

to no effect 无效;毫无结果

辨析 effect

consequence effect 指明显的原因所产生的后果。

consequence 可指没有明确原因的后果或效果。

effective valid

effective 表示能产生实际的效果。

valid 指仍为权威部门认可,可以继续使用,是法律用语。

真 题 They took _______ measures to prevent poisonous gases from escaping. 答案

A) fruitful B) beneficial C) valid D) effective D

Though the long-term___ can not be predicted, the project has been approved by the committee. 答案

A)affect B)effect C)result D)consequence B

The new appointment of our president ______from the very beginning of next semester. 答案

A)takes effect B)takes part C)takes place D)takes turn A


意 义 vt.播送、发射;传送、传染

构 词 trans(从…到….)+mit(发送)

变 形 transmission 播送、发射 ;传送、传染

搭 配 transmit knowledge from one generation to another 把知识由一代传给另一代

transmission of news 消息的传播;

transmit news by radio 由无线电发送消息

真 题 American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised _________ from the United States. 答案

A)transfer B) deliveries C) transportation D) transmissions D

Some diseases are ___ by certain water animals. 答案

A) transplanted B) transformed C) transported D)transmitted D

Communication is the process of_______a message from a source to an audience via a channel. 答案

A)transmitting B)submitting C)transforming D)switching A

Cultural________indicates that human beings hand theirs languages down from one generation to another. 答案

A)translation B )transition C)transmission D)transaction C


意 义 vi.有关联;适应,和睦相处;vt.使互相关联;讲述,叙述

变 形 relative 相关的,有关的;相对的,比较的;亲属

all human values are relative,so beauty is relative to the beholder's eyes.

relatively 相关地,有关地;相对地,比较地

relation 亲属

搭 配 relate to/with 有关联

relative to 有关,涉及

in/with relation to 有关,涉及

close/near relation 近亲

distant relation 远亲

真 题 It is difficult to______cause and effect in this case. 答案

A)unite B)think C)relate D)describe C

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